Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad day in pet land.

My poor Rosa came yelling from her bedroom that Moonlight and Goldie ( her fish) were acting weird. I go up there and Moonlight is starting to float on his side.. I tell her he is dying and she starts crying so hard. Within about 1 minute he is dead. So I take the bowl downstairs and think maybe something got in the water because the other fish is acting weird. We quick put new water in a bow, treat it and put the live fish in there. I start cleaning out the fish bowl and can see that Goldie is also going to die. I tell Rosa who is outside burring Moonlight. She starts to cry again. Then she asks if it is her fault. I tell her no, that maybe there were sick to begin with. She has not had them for very long... So a sad day for Rosa. To top it off I go to hug her and notice her ear is red. Her lobe is a bit infected where her ear was pierced! She goes "This is the worst day EVER"

I was able to take a few pictures of my sweet nephew yesterday. He is SO CUTE I can barely stand it.
Nephew with my dad.


Ida said...

I am so sorry for the loss. HUGS

The pictures are super cute of your nephew.

Adam's Mom said...

worst day ever indeed poor Rosa!

I am in love with your nephew - what a doll!

Joani said...

Poor Rosa. Big cyber hugs to her.

Love the pic with Grandpa :)