Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rain rain go away..

Yesterday I was tempted with sun..today it is all about rain. I don't mind rain usually, but it is REALLY cold out too. That is not a fun combo. Make me want to sit inside and eat warm food and read or watch TV.

So today there was a door to door person at my door. Usually i do not answer it. Unfortunately he saw me in the big window by the door. He was about college age maybe..probably 20ish. Anyway he started on his LONG no break monologue about what he was selling. Magazines to help inner city youth.. Of course I don't want to be rude. I completely believe in the cause. BUT I hate people pressuring me to buy things. Whether I need it or want it or whatever. I feel door to door as well as phone solicitation is really a invasion. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
I do give and try to help out with programs and charity. A little here and there. I don't need someone to make me feel uncomfortable or bad because I didn't choose their cause (telemarketer!).

I understand that people who work for the telemarketing company are just doing their job. I am polite to at first when I say "no thank you" If they don't get my drift after my first no thank you, then I have the right to hang up. Which isn't my style really, but neither is being nagged about buying or investing or whatever they want from me.
Then going back the the door to door sales..why on earth do people still do that? It seems it could be dangerous even for the salesperson as well. I don't want to be a prude or live in this lifestyle where I'm scared of everything.. At the same time, I don't want to set my self up to be in a dangerous situation either. I have kids to protect as well as myself.
So this turned in to a vent..oops. It was on my mind though.


Adam's Mom said...

Ugh the dreaded telemarketer! That's why I love my two year old who says "I talk! I talk" and I give him the phone if they don't get my first "no thanks" :giggle:

PS I hear ya on the rain! the snippets of sun are just teasers!

Mommy to Jadyn said...

That's why I thank God I live in a secure building.....lol They can't get in and if I'm not expecting anybody I don't answer my buzzer!!

Joani said...

Ugh, I really get aggravated when a solicitor knocks on my door. One time 2 men knocked and then dumped about 50lbs of meat in my foyer asking me to buy it. I had to gesture my neighbor over to get him out. The men yelled F you to me and went on their way. I no longer answer the door, even if they see me. They always come when it is just me and the girls here. You really need to be careful.