Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad day in pet land.

My poor Rosa came yelling from her bedroom that Moonlight and Goldie ( her fish) were acting weird. I go up there and Moonlight is starting to float on his side.. I tell her he is dying and she starts crying so hard. Within about 1 minute he is dead. So I take the bowl downstairs and think maybe something got in the water because the other fish is acting weird. We quick put new water in a bow, treat it and put the live fish in there. I start cleaning out the fish bowl and can see that Goldie is also going to die. I tell Rosa who is outside burring Moonlight. She starts to cry again. Then she asks if it is her fault. I tell her no, that maybe there were sick to begin with. She has not had them for very long... So a sad day for Rosa. To top it off I go to hug her and notice her ear is red. Her lobe is a bit infected where her ear was pierced! She goes "This is the worst day EVER"

I was able to take a few pictures of my sweet nephew yesterday. He is SO CUTE I can barely stand it.
Nephew with my dad.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I swear I think of the best posts when I'm lying in bed or out running. These really intelligent and poignant things to blog about.. Then I get home ( or wake up) and I can only remember a fraction of what I wanted to say. Maybe I should jog with a mini recorder ha ha ha.
So instead of something deep I'm posting a few pics of my little ones. Nothing outrageous, just some silly ones I have.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rain rain go away..

Yesterday I was tempted with it is all about rain. I don't mind rain usually, but it is REALLY cold out too. That is not a fun combo. Make me want to sit inside and eat warm food and read or watch TV.

So today there was a door to door person at my door. Usually i do not answer it. Unfortunately he saw me in the big window by the door. He was about college age maybe..probably 20ish. Anyway he started on his LONG no break monologue about what he was selling. Magazines to help inner city youth.. Of course I don't want to be rude. I completely believe in the cause. BUT I hate people pressuring me to buy things. Whether I need it or want it or whatever. I feel door to door as well as phone solicitation is really a invasion. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
I do give and try to help out with programs and charity. A little here and there. I don't need someone to make me feel uncomfortable or bad because I didn't choose their cause (telemarketer!).

I understand that people who work for the telemarketing company are just doing their job. I am polite to at first when I say "no thank you" If they don't get my drift after my first no thank you, then I have the right to hang up. Which isn't my style really, but neither is being nagged about buying or investing or whatever they want from me.
Then going back the the door to door sales..why on earth do people still do that? It seems it could be dangerous even for the salesperson as well. I don't want to be a prude or live in this lifestyle where I'm scared of everything.. At the same time, I don't want to set my self up to be in a dangerous situation either. I have kids to protect as well as myself.
So this turned in to a vent..oops. It was on my mind though.

Monday, March 24, 2008

TV, Parties, and Sugar

So I used to be addicted to Law and Order. Mostly the original and criminal intent. I had to stop watching it because it started giving me nightmares. Seriously , like creepy Law and Order murder freaky nightmares. So of course I stopped watching them... But its back. My DVR is now recording two episodes a day. I LOVE this show!! ( coming soon crazy scary dream posts! ha ha)

Rosa's parties went well. Of course like always I forgot my camera for a celebration or gathering. Seriously unless its at my house, I always forget to bring my camera to birthday parties or events! I will paint a mental image for you.. A bunch of silly cute 5-7 year old roller skating to Journey..eating pizza and waisting dollars at the graby arcade game.( you know..make the claw grab a toy behind the glass) Then in lieu of a gift. The girls all brought a bunch of stickers and we passed them all out and they had a big sticker exchange. I think it was a hit! Even my father in law who came for the party strapped on some roller skates! Very cool!

Easter was fun too. I ate a ton at my Aunts and the kids had fun playing at her house. There is a lot of space for them all to stretch out and just be kids. August didn't really get the whole finding eggs thing very stimulating, once he found there was candy in his basket.. Sadly I must admit he ate almost all sugary foods that day. Seriously he was a boy obsessed. I had to detox them from sugar the next day. Of course I am doing my part by decreasing the amount of chocolate and sugar around the house..yum!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Its going to be busy.

Well It is going to be a busy weekend starting today. We are going to dye eggs tonight and hopefully make a cake for Rosa's kid party tomorrow. She is going to have a rollerskating party. If I'm a good mom I will bring my camera and have pictures to post Monday.
Then Saturday night we have to buy or make ANOTHER cake for her family party on Sunday. It will be a Easter brunch/ birthday party at my Aunts house. Should be fun for all!

WARNING! A disgusting picture ahead.

So last night I get a call from Sebastian from the ER. Seems he dropped an ax on his foot while breaking down a wall at work. ( He is a firefighter) He thought it hurt but thought not much about it. Later having to take his boot off he noticed there was quite a bit of blood all over his foot. The ax had sliced through his boot, broke and sliced his toe almost in half. YUCK! So he came home from work and has a few days off to rest and heal his toe.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So today I pick up Rosa from school, and were in the car driving home and I notice that she is laughing to herself in the back seat. I ask her what she is laughing at and she says "nothing". Um I don't think its nothing so I ask again. She says" I'm just laughing at a word I think is funny" What word I ask? "Pork" she says. SO of course I start laughing. Then she laughs and goes "Its such a funny word PORK, like when you say it a bunch of times PORK PORK PORK PORK" I agreed with her it was a funny word. Of course laughing to myself even more since it has more than "meat from a pig" meaning. HA HA I think she will find that conversation funny in 10 years!

I have been tagged by Jess for this next part of my blog entry tonight.
5 ( I say 5 cause I have so many kids!) Random things about my kids..

1. Rosa hums when she eats and is really enjoying it. It sounds like she is saying "yum yum" very nasally. Its is a little weird and funny at the same time.

2. Veda has never had a blankie or a paci. Her one "lovey" is my hair. IT started when she would nurse and my hair would be in her grasp. She would hold on to it while she nursed. This turned in to a twirling, twisting thing later. Now If she is tired she will sit on my or lay next to me and twirl my hair. She actually twirls my hair to sleep! She used to call "turl" and we all thought she was saying twirl. When really she is saying curl. She is "curling" my hair..which is already very curly ha ha.

3. When I work at August and Veda's preschool ( I have a co op teacher trade thing going on) Auggie calls me "Dani"

4. Auggie is completely afraid of our cat Piggy. He will scream and run if she is in the same hallway as him. In his defense She isn't the nicest cat. She keeps to herself unless she wants to be fed or let out. At times she has batted at him if he walks by too close too. This in turn has made him afraid of almost all cats now.

5. Rosa threw a few fits if she wasn't getting her way as a toddler, but she never acted out just to do so. She didn't draw on the furniture ( like Auggie) or spill things just to see what will happen ( like Auggie and toddler Veda). Or just destroy things to see what will happen ( like Auggie). She has always been a HUGE question asker. I think those answers were enough for her.
Hmm I tag Ida, Aimee, and Kristi !

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Rosa

Ahhh 7 years ago today I had my very first baby girl!
1 week before birth!

A few minutes old. She was so red, like a little tomato! Super alert right away. we were amazed!
She was like this little monkey kid. Always climbing and being silly.
Birthday number1!! She had a cold and didn't eat any cake. Already walking and definitely talking!
When she was about 3 she was in a parade with her dance class. She lit up. She thought everyone was waving JUST for her. It was so sweet, she was so happy to be dancing and prancing down the street for hundreds of people.

She is smart beautiful, silly and bossy. She has always been so independent at times I felt like I am just along for the ride. She has her own ideas which I love and is SO creative. SO much more than I could ever hope to be.

A self portrait she took..I will add some pictures of today later..I have to go pick her up from school!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


All day my girls have been arguing or fighting. It is so frustrating. They are both at fault actually. Rosa has no patients and Veda is the text book little sister who LOVES to bother her big sister. Time outs barely work. I need a refresher on parenting 4 and 7 year olds. I'm catching my self just getting frustrated and raising my voice..a lot. I don't like this. At the same time Rosa can totally tune me out and Veda just LOVES begin defiant at times. Anyway, I'm going to break out some parenting books I have around out. Positive parenting is what I'm aiming for here.
I know it can't all be " rainbows and sausages" ha ha but really I would like it to be a bit smoother.
Me and my running mates have decided to change the half marathon were running. We found out you can have NO MUSIC in the one we wanted to do. ??NO music? Are they crazy. How the heck am I supposed to run 13+ miles in SILENCE??? ACK. So we found another one that does allow personal music devices. YEHAW ! It is 3 weeks later but that is fine. Gives me 3 more weeks to train. I have taken a few days off to get my tattoo worked on again. So I'm hoping to be back running by Tuesday..
Speaking of Tuesday, I also go in to get a filling. I am SO disappointed that I have a small cavity.. I HATE going to the dentist..who does though. While I appreciated what they do for me, it isn't ever fun. So I'm really just wanting Tuesday to be over.
My next sewing project ( besides the pants I keep sewing) is going to be a cute grocery bag! I'm trying to decide between oil cloth and fabric...? Not sure yet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Running, colds and photographs..

OH man. I'm so sick of being sick. I have had this cold for over a week, which for me is LONG. I usually get sick for 3, 4 days tops and its been 7 days!
I have been really trying to keep up with my running schedule while sick but it has been hard. I DID run about 5.5 miles on Sunday. Seriously I felt like my limbs were going to drop off one by one. I also finished two photography projects which feels good. Editing and choosing photos is always way more labor intensive than I think it's going to be. I love it, but I was ready for a break today. I broke out the sewing machine and made some pants for Veda, and also for August. I tried something new with August and lined his cute pants with fleece. Then I cuffed them at the bottom, they are super cute. Veda's pants turned out well except the rise is a teeny bit too short. Oh well, she still likes them.
The days are getting longer and a teeny bit warmer and I'm gearing up for my gardening projects. I have a ton! I'm planting a shade garden and a new tree. This requires taking out grass..taking out a shrub too. It will be so cool in the end..I hope.

Monday, March 3, 2008


This weekend we went to a birthday party with ponies! Veda was in HEAVEN! In her dream world we would dance ballet at night, and ride ponies during the day.
August wouldn't ride them, and Rosa did towards the end, but I could tell she felt too big for a pony. Now a regular size horse I think she would go for. I was also hired to take photos of the birthday party. All the outside photos turned out really nice. It was a great day for taking pictures. Keeping 3 kids in check while "working" was a teeny bit difficult at times, but I managed.
On the running front, I ran a short 2 miles today. Unfortunately I caught a icky cold two days ago. Running was the last thing on my mind. I am back though, hopefully without any more big breaks. Hoping to get up to 5 miles on Sunday.