Monday, March 24, 2008

TV, Parties, and Sugar

So I used to be addicted to Law and Order. Mostly the original and criminal intent. I had to stop watching it because it started giving me nightmares. Seriously , like creepy Law and Order murder freaky nightmares. So of course I stopped watching them... But its back. My DVR is now recording two episodes a day. I LOVE this show!! ( coming soon crazy scary dream posts! ha ha)

Rosa's parties went well. Of course like always I forgot my camera for a celebration or gathering. Seriously unless its at my house, I always forget to bring my camera to birthday parties or events! I will paint a mental image for you.. A bunch of silly cute 5-7 year old roller skating to Journey..eating pizza and waisting dollars at the graby arcade game.( you know..make the claw grab a toy behind the glass) Then in lieu of a gift. The girls all brought a bunch of stickers and we passed them all out and they had a big sticker exchange. I think it was a hit! Even my father in law who came for the party strapped on some roller skates! Very cool!

Easter was fun too. I ate a ton at my Aunts and the kids had fun playing at her house. There is a lot of space for them all to stretch out and just be kids. August didn't really get the whole finding eggs thing very stimulating, once he found there was candy in his basket.. Sadly I must admit he ate almost all sugary foods that day. Seriously he was a boy obsessed. I had to detox them from sugar the next day. Of course I am doing my part by decreasing the amount of chocolate and sugar around the house..yum!!

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Adam's Mom said...

Rosa's party sounds like a blast! I think I would have skated too - c-section recovery or not!