Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We had a very nice family vacation to Oregon. Played on the beach, ate too much and stayed up too late. August flew a kite and Rosa dug huge holes in the sand. They rented funbikes for the beach,and pretty much had a great time. I even managed to get two runs in while I was there. We had great weather for the first 4 days, then some clouds and rain the last two. All in all a great trip!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Butterfly in the sky...

OR on your head!
We went to the Pacific Science center on Friday and had fun. They are having their annual bubble fest which was neat. Along with that they have all there regular exhibits. One of my favorites is the butterfly exhibit. It is a large greenhouse like room filled with warm misty air and lush plants. It also had many different kinds of butterflies fluttering around. One landed on August's finger..
then opened its wings( excuse all the cell phone pics)

and landed on his head.

He held still while people oo'ed and aww'ed at him. Then I could tell he wanted it off, he started shaking his head gently. I gently brushed the butterfly and it flew off, only to land on my sisters bag.
I also had a pretty gray one land on my hip. A young boy pointed it out, I didn't even know. Some of those butterflies are really big though. Some people you could tell weren't happy about them fluttering right by their faces.
We also explored the bugs and some information on the planets in our solar system. We probably on saw about 1/4 of the Science Center, but we spent almost 3 hours there. The kids were really in to what we did see.

Tonight we are going to a friends birthday. It is a wine and cheese and cake party. What could be better?? yumm

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Woohoo it is hot today.
I love it. We went to the pool at my second dads house. It was so cold, I didn't end up swimming. I have become cold wimpy in my older years.
So I have decided to talk my friend Kathryn in to beginning running with me. I WILL make her a runner. I would love to have a running partner who lives fairly close. Plus she makes me laugh and we have good conversation. Perfect partner for distracting me on the long miles. So I'm starting her with 1.5 miles tomorrow. She is a active person so I don't think it will be hard for her at all. She even bought NEW shoes, so there is no backing out now!
Yesterday we had a birthday/picnic with my dad and brother and his wife and my sister and family. IT was really nice. Good food, wonderful family. I got some sweet shots of my family. Mostly my adorable nephew.

Miles, my little brother with a feather behind his ear. The kids were all playing a silly game.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow, I have been so busy lately. Really!, You should see my neglected house! Tomorrow we have two birthdays to go to right after one another. I'm tired already. Here is a silly pic from the other day. August and his flower. He was so messy and wiggly this was the best pic I got. I must admit though, he looks mighty cute all smiley.