Monday, July 28, 2008

He is so cute

cole and Sam, originally uploaded by pics of us.

I wish I could see my sweet nephew everyday.

Summer has been going good. August is doing well with his potty training. Rosa has been enjoying her summer camps, and Veda has been perfecting her bikes riding and helping skills. Really that girl LOVES to be a helper.
Me and Sebastian went to Lake Quinault this last weekend. It was so pretty. We hiked, swam, biked, and kayaked all in one DAY!. The first day we pretty much hung out with his work buddies. The last day we left to come home because we had a 3 hour drive. It was really pretty though there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

My sweet boy is 3 today. I told him Happy Birthday when he woke up. I said "Your 3!" He says "I'm not 3, I'm 3 YEARS OLD!" ha ha. Silly boy!

I can remember 3 years ago the pain he put me through. He was the most painful birth out of all 3 kids. I also remember how shocked I was to see this baby with such fair hair and skin.

His first birthday!
Two years old
Three years old :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Beach days

Today was a busy day. I worked in the garden ( got to get a pic). Took Veda to soccer, and then to meet our friends at the beach, all before 3:30!
The beach was great, a bit breezy, but the sun was shinning. The kids actually ended up wading a bit in the water.
We searched for beach glass and wishing rocks....

I think August belongs in California surfing the waves!! Not the best shot, but you get the drift :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Fun

The weather is perfect today. I believe it is about 73 outside. Yesterday me and the kids met up with my sister and her kids. We went for a hike at Carkeek park. This is such a great park. It has pretty hikes, a great big field and a lot of play on for the kids. It also has beach access. The kids LOVE it.

We took the kids on a hike we have been taking them on since the oldest were about 2. I remember when they could barely finish it. Or when we would have to take a million breaks on every bench. This time however. The girls (including Veda) ran through most of the hike. I held my lazy August, while my sister held Sam in her carrier.
A wonderful day!

Friday, July 11, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely hunky man Sebastian!!

He is smart and supportive. A super dad, and he treats me like I'm the most beautiful person in the world. I love him

I'm off for my girls weekend! WOOHOO Just in time :)
Going to Ocean Shores Washington!! I will blog later :) Have a great weekend all.!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Let me ask you whats more embarrassing?
Your son pooping on the FLOOR in the garage while your MIL is visiting your home?
Your daughter who is in love with creating things in WORD DOCUMENT uploading a pic that you took FOR your hubby ( bikini, sexy pose) from a "private" folder. Then start to write captions on it. While MIL and I are standing 1 foot away from the screen. I have NEVER tried to close a screen so fast. Not fast enough...
"Is that you?"she asks as I fumbled frantically with closing the program. I had to come clean to MIL that I took it for her son....I'm blushing just writing this.
I need a beer!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pee in the potty!!

Good news, despite the sad look he has on in the picture. Man those cheeks are cute.

O.K 3 days in a row my crazy son has been dry....there is a catch though. He will not poop in the potty. The first two days he asked for a pull-up, today we were home and it is warm, so around poo time ( yeah gross I know) I had him nakie. So all of a sudden he had this look on his face like...excuse the pun but "oh shit!" I grabbed him and told him to hold it and NOT to poop. I ran over Veda who was lying on the floor with HUGE roller skates on and in to the bathroom. I would LOVE to say we made it. I will save you all the details. So other than poop, he is pee trained. He does still wear a pull up at night. That has always been off and on anyway. I'm happy we are this far though. He is getting a kick out of his new glow in the dark Scooby Doo Undies.
My worry is that we are going camping tomorrow. I am a little shy about keeping him in underwear on the hour drive, but I know I need to be consistent..I just know how not fun it is to wash a car seat.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My son

I don't know if it is just his age, or his own personality emerging, but August is like no other. He really isn't like either of my kids. For one, he is pretty polite but not as much as the girls. He can be really quiet and he doesn't open up to strangers at all. In fact someone will say how cute he ( or she ha ha) is and he will get mad. Veda would at times be shy but never like this. She would look up and say thanks then grab my arm or hide in my legs. August will ignore people or get mad that they are giving him attention he doesn't want? Also he is the more defiant than the girls. This may, like I said have to do with his age, but dang it, it is frustrating too. August is definitely NOT a people pleaser. He doesn't usually cuddle with anyone but me or Sebastian, although will snuggle a grandparent every now and then, but not regularly. It really is bizarre raising 3 totally different kids. I mean I "think" I raise them pretty much the same. Yet they have these little blueprints already inside that they follow as well. I can only help them with it I guess..

I can remember before having kids thinking if you did everything right, your kids would turn out just how you wanted... ha ha oh ignorance is bliss. NOW I know.
I can think of about 4" I never" things that I said I wouldn't do as a parent. Silly me, judging parents when I was not one yet. Who knew extended nursing could be so natural, or co sleeping..I once said it was WEIRD! HA HA. Or what about how I was sure my kids would get no sugary treats and or watch TV unless it was teaching them something.. Its so funny to think of that stuff now. Actually most parents do what works for them. I will say there are some parenting things I feel strongly about like spanking... I also know that there have been times when I have been so frustrated and at a loss that it actually has crossed my mind. Luckily for me and my kids I remember why I chose my parenting values JUST in time.
I have to sleep! I must stop babbling :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The other day I was running outside. This was actually a while ago, before I got sick. Anyway, I was running and there was a man up ahead of me. I noticed that he was walking a dog and carrying a dog poop bag( full of poo). Nothing new to me. I see that all the time.
While I am running closer to him I notice he sticks his hands in his pockets and gets out a pack of smokes. He then continues to unwrap them and DROPS the plastic lining and such on the ground! I was shocked. I mean, you know enough to pick up your dogs crap, but you totally ignore the bunch of plastic you toss on the ground?? What is up with that. I don't get it.

Today my pal Hope visited me. I really wish we lived closer. There are a few gals who live just a teeny bit far away Hope and Sheri are two of them. I know that if we lived a tad closer there would be girls nights galore! Ya know some people you just feel instantly comfortable around? That is them. Oh and Jess(seccang) your on that list too. Even if your far away....