Friday, March 28, 2008


I swear I think of the best posts when I'm lying in bed or out running. These really intelligent and poignant things to blog about.. Then I get home ( or wake up) and I can only remember a fraction of what I wanted to say. Maybe I should jog with a mini recorder ha ha ha.
So instead of something deep I'm posting a few pics of my little ones. Nothing outrageous, just some silly ones I have.


Adam's Mom said...

gorgeous, as always!

ps I do my best thinking in the shower (unless a two year old is with me!)

Jess said...

I love A's hair all grown out! I love your posts... I never know what I am going to blog until I sit down to post!

Ida said...

I love your posts goofy or not. :) I always want to think of something great to say, but don't. That's why my blog is elementary. LOL

Joani said...

I do the same things. Such cute pics as always.