Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I can't think of one good thing to blog about right now. So here are a few pics of the kids :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Biking, sewing, and biting..

Rosa and August had fun riding bikes today in our driveway. They were both in to trying new tricks. August found that he can sit backwards on his trike and push the wheels with his hands. He was very proud of his new way of bike riding.

I finished my moms apron.. it looks o.k I probably wont buy the apron kit again. I want to try one on my own now. the material is a bit thin, and it turned out a little small.. but I finished it in about 3 hours total.

Funny story, yesterday we were in the car heading towards dinner at a new Italian place. From the back seat we hear "owwe" I asked him what happened and he says " its biting me" I ask him what is biting him and he says " my 'mowf ' is biting my 'finda' " ( my mouth is biting my finger). I said in order to fix that he should just take his hand out of him mouth. He says "ohhh!" and laughs. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


There is a loose tooth in the house! No, thank goddess it isn't mine ha ha. Rosa has her first legitimate loose tooth. For the last year she has been claiming to have one. Trying to practically pry one from her mouth after each of her friends and cousins lose theirs. Now, it IS official. Good thing, since Sebastian promised her she would loose one this summer. The girl is 7 years old, going in to 2nd grade with ALL her baby teeth. With her luck she will loose them all at once..that would be a good picture!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is here!

Woohoo! A super nice hot day! Finally. The kids are also officially out of school. I'm excited for them. Veda girl started her first soccer lesson today. Its a group called Kids Love Soccer. They're all about learning how to play and doing drills and games with each other. They don't really compete at this level. It is all about fun, which I like for a 4 year old. She looked so cute in her cleats and shin guards.

I'm excited for the kids to try new stuff this summer. For our family vacation in August and my girls weekend in 3 weeks.
I'm also happy to watch my garden grow int he back yard. I have a few more touches but I think I'm almost done planting for the season. Planting right now is risky too, their isn't as much rain and the plants have a harder time getting established.
In the crafts area, I'm working on a apron for my mom, and finished a nightgown for August..yes nightgown. He wanted one like his sisters, so I bought some pirate themed fabric and made a sleeveless night shirt. He LOVES it. I must say he looks quite girly. They had PJ day at his preschool and he wore it that day. Any time a mom would comment on it like say "Nice jammies" or " I like your night shirt" He would correct them " No, it's a nightGOWN!" It was hilarious.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Last week we went to Spring Camp with Rosa's school. It was fun ,but also a lot of work. The kids had outdoor classes every day. Hiking, building little rockets, art, dance, and cooking. They also had a sea lab class where they learned about the sea life in that area.
We were staying at Fort Casey. It is right on the water with old bunkers and tons of beautiful wild life.
A day didn't go by that I didn't see at least one deer, rabbits hopping in front of me, or some other animal.
The food was fantastic too. A few parent were in charge of the menu, and the food was SO GOOD. They had a vegetarian option with every meal. We had spaghetti and garlic bread one night, and curry tofu skewers and veggies another night...breakfast was just as good. Homemade pancakes, French toast and yummy scrambled eggs with tons of cheese.
Veda really had a great time. All the siblings of the kids get together and do art project and tag along to some of the classes as well. Veda was even in the talent show with Rosa. They were so cute. They sang a Hannah Montana song with one other girl.
I am happy to be home. We have been recovering from he go go go life style we were having at camp.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! To all the wonderful dads in the world. We love you and appreciate you! Dad, Mick, and Sebastian( not my dad of course but a wonderful dad to my lovely children) :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dancing Queen

Today was Veda' very first recital. She was SUPER cute in it. She didn't seem too nervous at all. I think I was more nervous than her. I took a few pictures but they are OK. So I took some when we got home with her costume on that I will share.

After the recital we went to lunch with the in laws. Pretty mellow except when August decided to put his hand down my top, stretching it and exposing half my boob to Sebastian's step mom. Yeah a little embarrassing.
Tonight is fondue night with the girls. I'm so excited. I LOVE fondue. Were doing broth, cheese, and chocolate. So we will have PLENTY to eat. I'm purposely eating light today so I am hungry and ready for all that I will consume this evening.

Monday, June 2, 2008

On the mend..

Well I went to the doctor and was told I have a bronchial infection. Bummer. I'm all set up with meds and docs instructions to call her if I get worse..seems she thinks its close to turning in to pneumonia.

On a better note..
At dinner tonight, we had stir fry. Tofu, rice and veggies. So Veda goes " I need popsicle sticks with my food" I was confused. Then she said.."Like in Totoro, we need to eat our food with.." then I figured it out she meant chopsticks. How cute is she!
Short post again today. I must go to bed at a decent time.