Saturday, May 31, 2008

Over it

This whole post is me complaining. I'm so over being sick. I keep thinking I will be better the next day, but I never am. Today I woke up with a slight fever too. ACK two weeks of coughing and now a fever? What really sucks is I have no energy to pick up after my kids so my house is INSANE. Very messy.Why oh why am I sick for the two weeks when Sebastian is here the least. O.K whine over.

My messy faced boy :)
Then to make matters worse, my "sweet" boy said to me (when I said no more sugary treats) "Your stupid" Of course I told him that was a very mean thing to say to someone and he goes "actually momma, you not, your really nice" hmm he still got a few minutes of alone time for that one. I'm counting down the minutes until I can put us ALL to bed.

Monday, May 26, 2008


My kids are very close to my sister's kids. Me and my sister were pregnant at the same time with our first ( her first two) children.
At that time we shared a house. She lived upstairs with her partner and I lived downstairs in the daylight apartment with mine. I was also able to watch my nieces being born. Twins done completely naturally. It was amazing, and frightening as I was 4.5 months pregnant at the time.
Our sweet girls have really grown up together, always loved playing together too. I think it helps that me and my sister are very close. As the kids have started school and we live a bit further apart. It has been not quite as convenient to get the kids together as much as we would like. Today, we went to a BBQ at our other dads house and we all got to hang out. Monie said to me " We really need to see each other more" This from a 7 year old. It was so sweet.
The kids played in the pool and raced in the lawn. It is so neat to see them all together. On the way out to the car the kids had a plan. Monie and Veda were to trade places.. They put their shirts on their heads covering their faces and pretended to be one another. Of course they thought they tricked us.
Once we got all the right kids in the right car..all the kids got upset. They all wanted to still be together. We promised to get them together this week after school.
O.K now I must whine. I have NEVER had a cough this bad before. My ribs and back HURT from coughing so much. It is disgusting too, all the crap that is in my chest. ICK. Plus it's also super annoying .
Yesterday August got out his new skateboard . He was pushing it and everything. Of course he was wearing his HUGE helmet. It was a crack up. He did pretty good for a not quite 3 year old.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Long Weekend

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hopefully a nice long one!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was tagged! All about August

From the lovely Jess
Here we go:

If you have been tagged, just copy and paste the rules and the questions onto your own blog or post. Then delete answers, and insert the ones you think your child/children would choose.

1.) My name(s) is/are: August Robert

2.) My first word was: Mama

3.) My favorite food right now is: Veggie dogs

4.) My favorite song is: Still loves Rock A Bye Baby

5.) My car seat color is: blue and gray

6.) My room color is: White with airplanes zooming around

7.) I love to use this kind of shampoo: HATES washing hair!

8.) The thing that can make me the maddest is: trying to help August when he doesn't want it.

9.) My favorite person right now is: Momma!

10.) I like to read this book over and over and over: he loves them all, no one he has to read

11.) My brand of diapers is: in the midst of potty training so he is in part time diaper, and pull ups..I like huggies best at this time.

12.) The cutest thing I say is: " you so beautiful mommy"

13.) My favorite fruit is: apples

14.) When I get hurt I want: hugs and kisses

15.) I mostly ride around in a: VW Eurovan

16.) I go to bed at: 7 30 pm

17.) I wake up at: 7-9 a.m: around 7 30 or 8

18.) My naptime during the day is: Rarely naps these days

19.) My most favorite thing to do is: jumping running, and making messes

20.) My favorite show/movie is: tie..Oswald and Franklin

OK, now I tag:
and Allison

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(Clever title here)

As I have mentioned, I have been working on revamping our back yard. I have planted a nice big partial shade garden, and taken out two overgrown bushes ( with help). I now have more space to put new plants or shrubs. I really want to put a nice potting bench like this one, and possibly a nice big wooden picnic table too.
One thing I have done is put a few pots of edibles in my back yard on the patio. I had tried to have a vegetable garden last year, only to be met with all the neighborhood cats poo in the raised bed. I tried every idea I could think of to keep them out. Who wants to eat veggies grown in a huge outdoor litter-box? Yeah me neither. So this year I put out a few pots and planted a few things in there. I have a tomato plant, pepper plants, two pots full of strawberry plants, and corn. Yes I have two pots that have each have one corn plant in it. People look at me like I'm nuts, but I read up on it and it IS possible with small corn plants. I may have to help with the pollination, but how hard is rubbing too pants together? ha ha. The COOL thing about having all this stuff in pots is that I can place them right where the sun is all day. They now will get more sun than they would if they were planted in any one place in my back yard. I will for sure take some pictures of my pots. I cant now since it is 9 30 at night.
Today's funny come from the one and only Auggie. I gave all the kids a bath tonight, then one by one instructed them to get their PJ's on. August insisted on wearing some of "Dayda's" ( Veda's) jammies. Of course I didn't care. A few minutes later I walk in to his room and he is dressed in pint long john pants and a yellow fairy shirt. He looks at his clothes and looks at me. "I'm a boy" he says to me slightly serious. "Yes Auggie" I say " Your a boy" It was really cute, like he wanted me to know that yes he was wearing girl clothes, but he was ALL boy. ha ha. So cute. He did look quite girly. As you can see!
* I took this in the dark while he was sleeping tonight*

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet summer

Today was HOT. I loved it. All my kids have beautiful sun kissed cheeks too. My other dad ( step dad sounds too..STEP) came over for dinner and we had a few drinks in the sunshine and ate yummy tacos. The kids were all wild with summer fever too. It was great. I took a million pictures as well.
Every once in a while I will take a photo that I cant figure out if I like in black and white best or color. I usually lean towards black and white. This time I'm not quite sure. The picture itself isn't anything totally awesome. It is just my girls interacting in our JUNGLE of a back yard. In fact I took it to have a record of how tall our grass got before Sebastian cut it ( hint hint, cut it honey).
What do you think..B&W or Color?

Oh and if you want you can check out the links to my Jpg and flickr account to see a few more I took today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laugh out loud.

Man my kids are funny! Here is why..
So Veda is in the bathroom about to get in to the tub with August. She is sitting on the toilet first going...poo. She calls for me to help her wipe...I have started to wean her from help in this department. As much as I hate streaked underwear, I know the only way she will get better wiping herself is to practice practice practice ha ha ha. So I tell her to do it by herself. I mean she is going in to the tub right away.
So I'm right next to the bathroom listening to August and Veda talk while I get clean sheets out of the linnen closet I hear..
Veda- " Auggie, Is there is any brown stuff left on my butt?"
August- "no"
Veda- "o.k good, I'm all done wiping"
HA HA HA o.k I started laughing so hard. So did Rosa who was helping me at the time. I know it is crass, but really they both sounded so serious it was hysterical!

After the bath August insisted on putting his PJs on himself. This is his new thing lately ,to dress himself. I'm all for it. Less work for me. Even if he goes to school with a backwards shirt on..he is VERY proud of himself. Tonight he is trying to get his second arm in his pajama top. It is the type of PJs that has pants and a button up shirt, so the shirt is unbutton and open. For some reason he cant bend his arm enough to get the second arm in the arm hole. He keeps turning right to try to get it in. In the end he is walking in circles trying to ..get closer..?? to the arm hole to get his arm in. Are you getting the visual? Think, dog chasing his tail. It was so cute. I had to figure out how to help him without him realizing I was helping him.

The third funny of the night.. going back to how I was putting sheets on my bed. August comes in and I tell him it is bedtime and if he will pick out a book in his room..
August- ( crying all of a sudden) " I love snowmen"
Me- "what?"
August- " I really love snowmen!!"
So then I get it, I just put our snowmen( yes I have snowmen sheets they were a gift) on my bed and he wants to sleep in my bed. I tell him that he needs to start in his bed and can come in mama's bed later. Which is what he does every night and is fine with us.
Next he throws his body on my now half made bed..
August- " I love blueeeeeee"
Me- " you love blue?"
August (sobbing) "I really love blue, and I don't want to talk to ANYONE". ( sob sob)
Of course then I catch on that he is now referring to the blue blanket I have just put on my bed.
I'm trying hard not to laugh at his tired crying jag...So I go downstairs and tell Sebastian the whole conversation and we giggle. I run back upstairs and August has gone to his room to look for his book, all is well again. Yippy now I have some blog material!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sun again

Ahh that beautiful sun was out again. I'm SO happy. My yard project is coming along well. My goal is to have it all finished by the end of June. I want to have August and Sebastian's birthday out there, and I want it to look nice. It really isn't a big space. I just need to clean it up and use the all my space well.
Potty training... what can I say about that. I know it sucks. I really am trying, and I THINK August is. He just has good days and not so good days. I guess with the girls I pretty much dangled the idea of wearing some big girl undies that pretty much did the trick. Both girls were trained by 2.5 years old. I have heard boys are harder though. What I'm afraid of is it becoming a power struggle. I think the older they are the more they realize what kind of power they have. hmmm I have tired all the tricks and I know. I guess I just need to stick with it.
Yesterday he did really well. Wore undies most of the day, had two accidents..but asked for a diaper to poop in?? What is up with that. How on EARTH could that be better than a toilet? Right after he does it he asks to be changed. So I guess I just don't get it.
I'm thinking I may have a small complex because there are about 4 boys in his preschool class that are potty trained...They are all older than him, from 3 months to 6 months. The kicker is they are all about 3 inches shorter. So they look younger and some even act younger. But here is my HUGE boy in a diaper. I know it will happen .. I'm just getting really antsy about it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


O.K 3 hours at the spa was SO GREAT. I went in a hot sand room, salt room, and a charcoal room. All different heated hot rooms that were amazing! Then I went in to the pools. Jetted relaxing and wonderful. After about 2 hours of that I went on to my massage. 1 hour FULL body massage. The massage therapist was so nice. I was afraid it would be too soft cause she was 5 feet 4 and small hands ( no offense short friends) but MAN that girl could work it! That sounds slightly crass ha ha. Really though. I cant believe waited a year to do this.
O.K I admit I was put off at first that this was a NUDE spa. Yes, no clothes. ( women only remember) You wear robes in the hot rooms and walking around..In the Pool room is another story. You hang up your robe and walk around from pool to pool nude. I was kinda freaked that people would see my stretch marks, ( gasp!) cellulite ( yes thin girls have it too), and sad sad boobies ( nursing 3 kids takes the BOOB out of boobies ha ha) But really, it was refreshing. ALL those normal bodies around me. All different sizes and shapes. I saw these 3 fit woman all different body types, still beautiful. This one curvy woman with round hips and Great boobs ( yes I noticed) She was all woman. I loved it. And admit to being a bit envious of it! I want to bring my daughter there when she is old enough. I want to expose her to REAL women.Not just what is on TV and magazines. I never really felt that way before..but I do now.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I worked for over 2 hours in the garden today. I weeded, planted, and laid down some bark too. I have so much more to go, but it is nice to get a bunch done.
I'm SO excited for tomorrow! I'm going to get a massage at a spa! It is from a gift certificate I got last mothers day! I have waited all this time to cash it in..
Olympus spa is a women's only day spa. This place has energy rooms, whirlpools and saunas of all sorts. They also offer all kinds of body and skin treatments. It should be a nice way to spend a few hours!