Monday, March 3, 2008


This weekend we went to a birthday party with ponies! Veda was in HEAVEN! In her dream world we would dance ballet at night, and ride ponies during the day.
August wouldn't ride them, and Rosa did towards the end, but I could tell she felt too big for a pony. Now a regular size horse I think she would go for. I was also hired to take photos of the birthday party. All the outside photos turned out really nice. It was a great day for taking pictures. Keeping 3 kids in check while "working" was a teeny bit difficult at times, but I managed.
On the running front, I ran a short 2 miles today. Unfortunately I caught a icky cold two days ago. Running was the last thing on my mind. I am back though, hopefully without any more big breaks. Hoping to get up to 5 miles on Sunday.

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Adam's Mom said...

Veda sounds like my kid of girl!!