Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye old pal.

He used to run super fast even having only 3 legs.
He loved to chase birds and squirrels. He was known to jump in to lakes and chase ducks for up to a half an hour, just swimming after them.
He really was a sweet dog. Loved to love and be loved.

I admit that I was put out a bit by this last year with him. He was not the dog I had loved for so many years. More of a shell of that. I know that is what happens with age. I know that is part of caring for a animal companion. It was just hard, and I feel bad for all the frustration I had when he had to be carried up and down stairs, for being mad that I had to clean up dog urine or crap at least 3 times a week and almost every day in the end if I didn't get him outside in the AM. The thing was though up until the last few weeks he still had that happy look a lot of the time. Not the last two days though. He looked so out of it. His body seemed so worn and so sad.
I will miss you Angus!

Rosa saying goodbye