Thursday, March 20, 2008


So today I pick up Rosa from school, and were in the car driving home and I notice that she is laughing to herself in the back seat. I ask her what she is laughing at and she says "nothing". Um I don't think its nothing so I ask again. She says" I'm just laughing at a word I think is funny" What word I ask? "Pork" she says. SO of course I start laughing. Then she laughs and goes "Its such a funny word PORK, like when you say it a bunch of times PORK PORK PORK PORK" I agreed with her it was a funny word. Of course laughing to myself even more since it has more than "meat from a pig" meaning. HA HA I think she will find that conversation funny in 10 years!

I have been tagged by Jess for this next part of my blog entry tonight.
5 ( I say 5 cause I have so many kids!) Random things about my kids..

1. Rosa hums when she eats and is really enjoying it. It sounds like she is saying "yum yum" very nasally. Its is a little weird and funny at the same time.

2. Veda has never had a blankie or a paci. Her one "lovey" is my hair. IT started when she would nurse and my hair would be in her grasp. She would hold on to it while she nursed. This turned in to a twirling, twisting thing later. Now If she is tired she will sit on my or lay next to me and twirl my hair. She actually twirls my hair to sleep! She used to call "turl" and we all thought she was saying twirl. When really she is saying curl. She is "curling" my hair..which is already very curly ha ha.

3. When I work at August and Veda's preschool ( I have a co op teacher trade thing going on) Auggie calls me "Dani"

4. Auggie is completely afraid of our cat Piggy. He will scream and run if she is in the same hallway as him. In his defense She isn't the nicest cat. She keeps to herself unless she wants to be fed or let out. At times she has batted at him if he walks by too close too. This in turn has made him afraid of almost all cats now.

5. Rosa threw a few fits if she wasn't getting her way as a toddler, but she never acted out just to do so. She didn't draw on the furniture ( like Auggie) or spill things just to see what will happen ( like Auggie and toddler Veda). Or just destroy things to see what will happen ( like Auggie). She has always been a HUGE question asker. I think those answers were enough for her.
Hmm I tag Ida, Aimee, and Kristi !


BiBi said...

Kids come out with the silliest things =)

Jess said...

Ha! Pork is a funny word when you think about it.


Adam's Mom said...

I agree pork is a funny word LOL

Ida said...

Pork is a funny word. Your kids are groovy. I love reading about them all. Dani!