Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wake up

I am having the hardest time back on this school day schedule. I have been sleeping in, and so have the kids. This morning we got up with 25 minutes to spare. Not much time there!
I took the kids to school, and them went with my sister and dad to visit my grandma. I have not seen her in a while, which is completely my fault. It was so nice to see her and talk a bit. It was also nice to be with my dad. Weird because it has not been just me, my sister, and my dad since we were young. We joked how I would always fall asleep in the car no matter how far we were going when I was a kid. Apparently they would sometimes put things in my nose and stuff to see if I would wake up...NIIIICE lol

I HATE self portraits. I usually hate any photo taken of me. I'm not very photogenic, I have weird features I think. ANYWAY I promised my self I would try to get some in on this photo a day thing. It will be easier when I get a remote that works with my camera.

Day 6


Adam and Megan's Mom said...

I think you are beautiful, Dani!

BiBi said...

Girl you are Beautiful! Great picture!

Koren said...

That's a GREAT photo. Very moody, like someone else took it during an intimate moment. NICE and not self aware...I think that's difficult in photos unless one has a knack for being photographed OR they are a two year old!