Sunday, January 11, 2009

48 degrees

Which means I was able to run today! It was fantastic. I am reminded that I need new running shoes though. I only went 3.5 miles, but it felt good. So much better than the treadmill.

Last night August surprised me by telling me while I was putting him to bed that "Earth is a planet mommy" Ahh what a proud mom I was. Then him and Veda proceeded to ask me a bunch of space and planet questions that I didn't know! The sad thing, was I swear I knew at one point! I just have not used that info in so long and it dripped from my brain and out my ears somewhere. I swear it is from watching too much Sponge Bob with the kids. ha ha

Day 11
August showing me his blanket mask!


BiBi said...

haha! We already know all the episodes and stuff!

Love the pic! He's sooo cute. He looks 5 in that picture!

Kathryn said...

He looks like a pirate nightgown bandit! Hee hee!

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

smart little boy you have there!