Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kathryn, are you blogging too?

Just a quick shout out!

Me and the kids watched ELF tonight. Man that movie makes me laugh. Anything with Will Farrel pretty much cracks me up though. Rosa giggled quite a bit. Veda got half the jokes and August just liked seeing Santa.
Today Rosa asks me if she can have a email account. I tell her not yet. She isn't quite old enough. I explain to her about SPAM, and how a lot of times it is inappropriate for kids. It could also mean viruses that can harm our computer. Later at bedtime, she calls for me. Back up to her room I go. She tell me she is totally freaked out about SPAM and all she can think of is scary emails and she can't sleep. She obviously took my word "inappropriate" in a whole other way. She is now nestled in my bed safe from all unwanted emails!

Today's photo(s) of the day is a teeny bit sad. Only cause there are tears involved. They are crocodile tears though I promise. I told Auggie he had to go to bed. He was NOT happy about that. He wanted to watch Spider-man one more time.. I said no, the tears followed. At least he still blew me a kiss when asked!

Day 15


Sarah said...

Man you make some cute kids!

BiBi said...

LOL! Those tears look fake, especially the second picture! He's soooo cute though!
Sorry about Rosa, the best thing is for her to wait :)

Kathryn said...

Hey! I was blogging! Ha ha ha!

I love the series of sadness. And the kiss at the end is priceless. So sweet!

Ida said...

oh the joys of young ladies. I can imagine the day when G wants one. Love the last pic. I would totally be a sucker for those tears.

Kate said...

Your kids are so stinkin' adorable. I love that Rosa was freaked out by the email thing. My oldest, Bay, will always call me to her bed at night saying, "Mom, I have bad thoughts". I honestly don't know where she came up with that phrase, but she means the same thing. It's when she is thinking of something that is maybe scary and she can't get it out of her head. Kids are so darn cute!

Sara said...

Awww, he's beautiful even when he's mad.