Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random facts about me..

I was tagged by Sheri so here goes :)
1. I HATE to share drinks with people. Even with my own kids. Even with my husband.
2. I will eat eggs in things, or at a restaurant. I RARELY make eggs at home because I'm so grossed out by how they look raw in a bowl.
3.I don't let people dish my plate of food up. I HAVE to dish up my own food. Unless again, I'm at a restaurant.
4. I never remember adults names, but I'm really good with kids names. I have no idea why.
5. I have to eat yogurt at room temperature or I gag a little.
6. I have SO MUCH gray hair. I would say 1/3 of my hair is gray. I'm actually amazed by it since I'm only 31. I started going gray at 19.
7. I hate answering the phone. I hate calling people back unless it is my sister or mom. I don't know why. Even if it is a friend, its like I get nervous about talking.. WEIRD.
8.I cant stand long nails. On ANYONE. I cut my kids nails religiously. Rosa hates it because she wants them long, but I just cant handle it after a while. I think of all those germs under her grimy kid nails.

Not done yet..

Well my long day yesterday was only partially completed. I Got to take some really fun pictures of pretty ladies which was very cool. I have another shoot with them on Saturday too. Check out that gnarly bruise from skating she has! OUCH.

On the tattoo front, I got some work done, but I still have at least 2 hours left. My artist was running late, and then the area was bigger than she remembered. Can I just say OUCH. I mean It was almost making me want to swear out loud. Something about the "ditch"( the pit on the other side of elbow, where you get blood taken) Hurt SO BAD. It was worse than up by my armpit, it was worse than my hip bone. Even the artist said " Your a glutten for punishment" when I told her I wanted most of it filled in there. Just half an inch to the left the pain went from 11( almost tears) to 4( not too bad at all). Pretty amazing really. Glad that part is done! SO I will take pictures of that when I get the rest finished in 2 weeks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Photo shoot

I'm excited I get to take pictures of a all girl roller derby team! They are making a cookbook for fund raising and I get to do the photographs. Then later tonight I'm getting my tattoo finished. I'm a tad nervous since my experience last time was sucky with me fainting..( had never happened before) So I have been trying to make sure I eat regularly skimping, and no just eating junk foods. I think that contributed to my fainting spell. ANYWAY. I hope to have a few pics to post tomorrow. One of the tattoo, and hopefully one of the photo shoot ( After I get permission of course)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Another pretty day!

Wow, we were outside almost all day. Veda and August were so tired from all the running around. It was great though. We went to two parks! I bought the bubble juice so they could blow bubbles in the yard. All was well until Veda spotted a fly..yes a fly. She is afraid of ALL BUGS. Any kind. Even pretty ones. Maybe not ladybugs, but yes to butterflies. What girl is afraid of butterflies?? ( mine )
She also hates house/poop flies, and any kind of beetle that isn't a ladybug. She refused to go outside after spotting the fly?!
At least at home. At the park she was so in to playing she didn't notice the bugs.
I also set a picnic out for them today veggies dogs and pears sliced up. They looked so cute.
No running today. YIIPY my free day. It all starts up again tomorrow though. Yesterday I had to run on a treadmill in the gym. This is something I NEVER do. I hate the treadmill at the gym. I can do ANY other machine but that one. I'm so bad at it, I get bored or it gets hard and I just step off of it. This obviously doesn't work while running outdoors. Even if you start to walk you still have to get home.
Anyway I made it 3 miles on that awful machine. I had to. I don't run at night. It freaks me out, and it was 7 and dark when I finally was able to work out. Oh I cant wait for longer lighter days. When it doesn't get dark until 9!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty day

Today and yesterday have been so NICE out. The perfect spring day! I get to run in it today which will be nice.
The kids played out side on the trampoline yesterday for 2 hours. They were jumping up a storm.
I made Veda another dress. I had to "fix" it twice. IT was WAY too snug lol. Because the fabric has no give she was wiggling around in it. So I ended up putting in two slits and different fabric. I like it even better now. I have a pocket in the front too, but I still have to fix it, its too flimsily right now.

I had this disturbing dream last night I could make infants sing by closing my eyes and holding them up to the sky..except even when I closed my eyes I could see the babies and they would sing..very unnatural. Yikes. I woke up totally freaked out. Note to self, no more oatmeal blueberry cookies right before bed.
We had a play date at a friends house today. The kids were pretty well behaved. They had fun coloring and playing with Legos and play dough.
Tomorrow kids go back to school, and i help out at Veda's school. I better get anything done I need to wise. Sucks, I would rather be outside..which may happen anyway ha ha.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Still sewing..

I have been trying to make these dresses for the girls, little summer dresses. Well my first one I screwed up on ,and so then I had to turn it in to a skirt. This was fine, Rosa likes it, but I still owe her a dress. I did make it work for Veda, but the straps are a teeny but far out so they slip a bit. Trial and error.

I went out two nights in a row this weekend. SO not what I usually do. The first night me and Sebastian went to a karaoke bar. It was super busy but pretty fun. The next night I had a girls night planned and we went out dancing. The music was like classic rock pretty much. It was fun. I danced with a 65 year old man who thought I was 24...eww. I felt like I was dancing with a grandparent kinda. Don't worry it was a fast no touching dance.
SO then afterwards my friend and I came back to my house for a beer and chatting. I think every time we get together we talk how we want to go on a girls trip to Vegas. How fun would that be? I stayed up WAY TOO LATE. Seriously it was rough because Sebastian had to work the next morning so no sleeping in for me. I realize my body can not bounce back fast from that. Oh the joys of not being 20 anymore ha ha.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day! ( it IS midnight!!)

Tonight I was able to help make a few valentines for my daughters class. We had fun. Glitter, stickers..all the fun stuff. Rosa decided to buy hers this year. I was disappointed at first, but half way through Veda's class I was happy. That was a lot of work, fun but a lot of work.

O.K I have made 3 more pairs of pants since the first two. So 5 pairs total. I'm so addicted. I have really gotten to know my sewing machine better. I'm less intimidated now. My next feat is to try this summer dress pattern for the girls I have had for like 2 years! We will see. Right now, skirts and pants are still fun.
So today is mid week of my first training week for the half marathon. I must say the first two days I was really tired. I'm now starting to feel like I have more energy. I have ran 7 miles total in the past 4 days. I'm very glad tomorrow is a rest day. My feet hurt. I think I may need new shoes. I have also been lucky that my run days have fallen on sunny days. YES!
I need to go to bed, I feel really lucky today. Just for what I have in life, even if it's not "perfect" in some ways. I know I take for granted all the wonderful things I have. Health, family friends, love.. Off to bed ;)

Monday, February 11, 2008

I had no idea..

I could be crafty!! I have had my sewing machine for about 4 years and I have used it more today than the whole time I have owned it. I got this idea on how to make recycled T shirt pants and other simple pants for kids on this site. It was so fun once I got started. The T's we had weren't big enough for long pants for August but I made him a pair from some soft fabric I have had laying around. I also tie dyed a old white T of Sebastian's and made CUTE little lounge pants for my 4 month old nephew. Fun FUN I'm hooked and want to make more and branch out a bit to add fun stuff to the pants. ( patches, piping etc)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A full day.

I think spring is on its way. YEAHH! I'm so tired of the cold cold weather. It was 50 today which felt great. Me and the kids played out side. We pointed out the new crocuses coming up, the daffodil and tulip buds pushing through the damp ground.It was nice. It also made my new goal, a teeny bit less miserable. I have agreed..well 90% agreed to run a half marathon with my sister and my friend Koren. They have both done this before. I have always ran but usually only between 2 and 5 miles. PLUS I have been on a long binge of not working out.
Koren sent me some links to training schedules, so I printed one out and I start on Monday. I'm sure I will update as I go. I'm really nervous, but I want to see if I can push my body to do this.

This evening we went to a Homecoming get together for Rosa's school. It was dessert potluck and silent auction. Great turnout. The school had this folk band there calling out square dancing songs. The kids, and adults had a blast with the different songs and silly dances.After the long day and night it was nice to come home, put the kids to bed and just chill. I'm eating cupcakes, blogging and watching LA ink. I'm good at multitasking when its all about me!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I love you

Oh my sweet baby boy! When ever I say "I love you" to him. He has always, since he began to talk say "too". His way ( I think) of saying "I love you too". He has never just said I love you out of the blue.....until tonight.
Sebastian was changing his diaper, I came in the room and he said "I love you mommy" I was so touched I went up to him and kissed his forehead. I said "That is the nicest thing you could say to me" so then to blow my mind he goes "You look BOO-TI-FIL" I almost DIED. I of course said thank you and gave him more snuggles and hugs. What a sweet BOY!!!!! AHHH he made my heart SMILE.

Yes We Can