Saturday, February 9, 2008

A full day.

I think spring is on its way. YEAHH! I'm so tired of the cold cold weather. It was 50 today which felt great. Me and the kids played out side. We pointed out the new crocuses coming up, the daffodil and tulip buds pushing through the damp ground.It was nice. It also made my new goal, a teeny bit less miserable. I have agreed..well 90% agreed to run a half marathon with my sister and my friend Koren. They have both done this before. I have always ran but usually only between 2 and 5 miles. PLUS I have been on a long binge of not working out.
Koren sent me some links to training schedules, so I printed one out and I start on Monday. I'm sure I will update as I go. I'm really nervous, but I want to see if I can push my body to do this.

This evening we went to a Homecoming get together for Rosa's school. It was dessert potluck and silent auction. Great turnout. The school had this folk band there calling out square dancing songs. The kids, and adults had a blast with the different songs and silly dances.After the long day and night it was nice to come home, put the kids to bed and just chill. I'm eating cupcakes, blogging and watching LA ink. I'm good at multitasking when its all about me!

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Adam's Mom said...

YAY for spring! I love seeing the flowers popping up - makes me smile every time!

Have fun with the half marathon - better you than me!