Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day! ( it IS midnight!!)

Tonight I was able to help make a few valentines for my daughters class. We had fun. Glitter, stickers..all the fun stuff. Rosa decided to buy hers this year. I was disappointed at first, but half way through Veda's class I was happy. That was a lot of work, fun but a lot of work.

O.K I have made 3 more pairs of pants since the first two. So 5 pairs total. I'm so addicted. I have really gotten to know my sewing machine better. I'm less intimidated now. My next feat is to try this summer dress pattern for the girls I have had for like 2 years! We will see. Right now, skirts and pants are still fun.
So today is mid week of my first training week for the half marathon. I must say the first two days I was really tired. I'm now starting to feel like I have more energy. I have ran 7 miles total in the past 4 days. I'm very glad tomorrow is a rest day. My feet hurt. I think I may need new shoes. I have also been lucky that my run days have fallen on sunny days. YES!
I need to go to bed, I feel really lucky today. Just for what I have in life, even if it's not "perfect" in some ways. I know I take for granted all the wonderful things I have. Health, family friends, love.. Off to bed ;)

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Adam's Mom said...

Happy Valentines Day! Love your photos (as per usual!) can't wait to see the new sewing attempts!