Monday, February 18, 2008

Still sewing..

I have been trying to make these dresses for the girls, little summer dresses. Well my first one I screwed up on ,and so then I had to turn it in to a skirt. This was fine, Rosa likes it, but I still owe her a dress. I did make it work for Veda, but the straps are a teeny but far out so they slip a bit. Trial and error.

I went out two nights in a row this weekend. SO not what I usually do. The first night me and Sebastian went to a karaoke bar. It was super busy but pretty fun. The next night I had a girls night planned and we went out dancing. The music was like classic rock pretty much. It was fun. I danced with a 65 year old man who thought I was 24...eww. I felt like I was dancing with a grandparent kinda. Don't worry it was a fast no touching dance.
SO then afterwards my friend and I came back to my house for a beer and chatting. I think every time we get together we talk how we want to go on a girls trip to Vegas. How fun would that be? I stayed up WAY TOO LATE. Seriously it was rough because Sebastian had to work the next morning so no sleeping in for me. I realize my body can not bounce back fast from that. Oh the joys of not being 20 anymore ha ha.


Adam's Mom said...

your girls are simply gorgeous! The skirt and dress are cute too!

Eewww on grandpa dancing - at least he wasn't touchy feely LOL

Kristi said...

Great job, Dani. The girls are so beautiful.