Friday, February 22, 2008

Another pretty day!

Wow, we were outside almost all day. Veda and August were so tired from all the running around. It was great though. We went to two parks! I bought the bubble juice so they could blow bubbles in the yard. All was well until Veda spotted a fly..yes a fly. She is afraid of ALL BUGS. Any kind. Even pretty ones. Maybe not ladybugs, but yes to butterflies. What girl is afraid of butterflies?? ( mine )
She also hates house/poop flies, and any kind of beetle that isn't a ladybug. She refused to go outside after spotting the fly?!
At least at home. At the park she was so in to playing she didn't notice the bugs.
I also set a picnic out for them today veggies dogs and pears sliced up. They looked so cute.
No running today. YIIPY my free day. It all starts up again tomorrow though. Yesterday I had to run on a treadmill in the gym. This is something I NEVER do. I hate the treadmill at the gym. I can do ANY other machine but that one. I'm so bad at it, I get bored or it gets hard and I just step off of it. This obviously doesn't work while running outdoors. Even if you start to walk you still have to get home.
Anyway I made it 3 miles on that awful machine. I had to. I don't run at night. It freaks me out, and it was 7 and dark when I finally was able to work out. Oh I cant wait for longer lighter days. When it doesn't get dark until 9!


Adam's Mom said...

Isn't the weather simply gorgeous? Adam is such an outdoor kid he loves this weather as well! Too funny on Veda being scared of bugs! I totally understand because I'm the same way but I like butterflies and ladybugs freak me out!

Kristi said...

Your longer days are coming.
Girls aren't supposed to like bugs. Giggle!