Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty day

Today and yesterday have been so NICE out. The perfect spring day! I get to run in it today which will be nice.
The kids played out side on the trampoline yesterday for 2 hours. They were jumping up a storm.
I made Veda another dress. I had to "fix" it twice. IT was WAY too snug lol. Because the fabric has no give she was wiggling around in it. So I ended up putting in two slits and different fabric. I like it even better now. I have a pocket in the front too, but I still have to fix it, its too flimsily right now.

I had this disturbing dream last night I could make infants sing by closing my eyes and holding them up to the sky..except even when I closed my eyes I could see the babies and they would sing..very unnatural. Yikes. I woke up totally freaked out. Note to self, no more oatmeal blueberry cookies right before bed.
We had a play date at a friends house today. The kids were pretty well behaved. They had fun coloring and playing with Legos and play dough.
Tomorrow kids go back to school, and i help out at Veda's school. I better get anything done I need to today..house wise. Sucks, I would rather be outside..which may happen anyway ha ha.


Adam's Mom said...

weird dream -what are ya pregnant? LOL

Love the dress and the girl in it - sooo beautiful!

Kristi said...

I love all the dresses and skirts you are making.

I agree, that sounds like a pregnancy dream...