Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not done yet..

Well my long day yesterday was only partially completed. I Got to take some really fun pictures of pretty ladies which was very cool. I have another shoot with them on Saturday too. Check out that gnarly bruise from skating she has! OUCH.

On the tattoo front, I got some work done, but I still have at least 2 hours left. My artist was running late, and then the area was bigger than she remembered. Can I just say OUCH. I mean It was almost making me want to swear out loud. Something about the "ditch"( the pit on the other side of elbow, where you get blood taken) Hurt SO BAD. It was worse than up by my armpit, it was worse than my hip bone. Even the artist said " Your a glutten for punishment" when I told her I wanted most of it filled in there. Just half an inch to the left the pain went from 11( almost tears) to 4( not too bad at all). Pretty amazing really. Glad that part is done! SO I will take pictures of that when I get the rest finished in 2 weeks.

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