Sunday, October 7, 2007

What did she say?

Pt 3 Wild girl, originally uploaded by pics of us.

Today is Sunday and I let "R" have a friend over for a play date. The child who came over is one whom is very sweet and was a classmate of R's last year.
So to my surprise I hear this come out of the child's mouth while watching a clip of some kids on Sesame Street..
" oooh brown skin :( "
Of course I turned to her my mouth dropping open from her negative toned comment. Before I can chime in R goes..
" Hey there is nothing wrong with brown skin, people have all different kinds of skin..maybe its just showing a world where all people are brown?"
O.K at least the beginning was good right? I'm very proud that I have instilled this kind of thinking in my children..and here I though all us parents in 2007 were..
My hope is that this little girl got this negative thought from another child and not her parents who I really like.
Now my predicament is whether to tell her mom or not.
What would you do?

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Adam's Mom said...

Hmmmm to tell or not to tell....Good question! I'd like to think it was an isolated incident. I'm a wimp, I probably wouldn't say anything unless it happened again.

I would be very proud of R for her response!