Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon

It has been a really fun weekend for the most part. I stayed out way too late with my pals Friday night. We saw a movie then had appetizers and drinks. You know, moms out on the town ha ha. Then Saturday I got to meet a online pal in real life. She was just as funny, sweet, and as pretty as she comes across in her blogs.
The downer of the weekend is my poor little guy is pretty sick. He has a nasty cold and sore throat. Thursday night, the first signs of this nastiness showed up and as I was rocking him to sleep I asked him what song I could sing for him. His reply was "Rock- A- Bye-Baby, On A Sweet Heart" It was so cute I almost laughed. So I sang it the way he thinks it goes...and probably will from now on , even if it makes no sense ha ha. So even with the fun grown up weekend we have had a little boy waking up with a nasty cough every few hours. I'm hoping he is on the mend, as his buddy is going to visit us for part of the day tomorrow.. Two 2 year old boys!! I'm sure to have some stories to write about tomorrow.

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Adam's Mom said...

it was wonderful to meet you as well! Shawn kept asking if I was nervous and I wasn't because I know all of you are so geniune in your posts and in real life you are sweeter and prettier!

have fun tomorrow with those boys!!