Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gorgeous gorgeous

Today was BEAUTIFUL! Its mid October in Seattle so really it should be raining or at least really really chilly. Today the sun was out and the fall leaves were so bright.
During my run today; while music was playing around my ears, I ran under this tree that was actively shedding leaves around me in the gentle breeze. It was amazing really.
IT was a t-shirt day for sure..just perfect.
This day was great since I had a few people over for a birthday party. My sweet girl was showered with lovely gifts from the family. All the kids were able to play outside almost the entire time, while the adults chatted and passed around my brand new nephew.
What kills me though, is the 2 days I spent cleaning my house when now it looks like a bomb went off. There is cake on the carpet, wrapping paper bits scattered everywhere. TONS of dishes and I don't even want to talk about the kids rooms...
It's o.k though. We had a nice time, laughed and ate. Its all worth it.

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Adam's Mom said...

The last few days have been stunning! The rain is expected this afternoon so Adam and I already went out for our walk. The leaves are just gorgeous falling all around - I love it!

Sorry about your messy house but who cares? There will be a rainy day soon enough to give you time to clean it. For now, enjoy the fall!