Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The day after...

Can I just say..a no napping toddler is like dealing with teeny tiny monster. You think the terrible two's is terrible? Try skipping his nap and see what you get. UGG I'm tired. No funny or witty stories today. Just me wishing I could have gotten to the gym to de-stress but settling for a nice cold beer instead. I'm sure they do the same thing for my ab muscles right?
Another bummer is my darn camera, one of my loves is acting funny. Something about it not able to format the card?? Advice anyone?
I still am hoping to practice my guitar, so that some day be that real hippie singing guitar playing woman I always hoped to be, ha ha ha. No for real.


Adam's Mom said...

my geek tech buddy says the card is probably hooped - so try a new card.

I also have a teeny tiny monster who refuses to nap *sigh. And my bad luck, he slept from 8pm to 1am and woke up saying "morning?" no not morning sweetie, it's still night time. it's still dark. "no morning!" we were up until 3am when I finally got tired of him poking me in the eye, kicking me in the stomach and such.

Sigh teeny tiny monster is right!

Tiburon said...

Hey, why did I only find out about your blog today!? I need to add you to my stalking list :)

Let me know if you want a banner for your page I would love to make you one!