Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lets read!

You know as a single woman I read ALL THE TIME. I guess I still do but its mostly children's books now. I read to my kids daily. I love to do it too. The sad part of that is I tend to put my own reading on the sidelines. One of my goals, as my kids get older and easier ( HA HA HA) is to start spending more time doing stuff for me. I mean I gave up a lot of time for them.. for good reason but a lot of my hobbies need some attention.. One of them is reading.

I got a book for my birthday and started it 6 days ago..I'm finished! about 300 pages and its done. No small feat for a mother of 3! I was sucked in to it..Easy read and really great story.

I'm addicted again, and am looking for my next book!

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