Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well I haven't had to say that yet, but in my mind I have ha ha. O.k lets back up. I got a call from the class go to mom ( room helper) from R's school. She was telling me that there is a girl in R's class who "bugs" R and her daughter too. I was sad R had not told me other than saying she didn't want to have any play dates with this girl. So with my new knowledge I go ask R about this girl and what is happening. She tells me that the girl pokes and sometimes punches her in the chest on the playground. She told me she has told a teacher and that the teacher talks to the girl...but its still happening! Apparently the woman who called me ( class helper) talked to this girls mom because she was poking and bothering her daughter. The mom of the bully sounded surprised ( duh) and said she would talk to her daughter. My husband wants to teach R to fight??!! I mean that might work with a boy ( is that sexist?) but I really would rather she tried to settle this with no violence. Although if she really needed to protect herself I would hope she could. UGG the whole thing sucks. Seriously my first instinct is to get in the little kids face and tell her to keep her stinking hand off my kid...or else! HA


JustJamie said...

A lioness protecting her cubs. You go mama. I hope something changes soon and that girl stops being a bully.

Adam's Mom said...

Ugh I don't want to have to deal with such stuff!

I love the photos you posted - Gosh she is soooo beautiful!