Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Let me start by saying I have very curly hair..most of the time. It can get pretty frizzy too. I have tried 3 million hair products and half of them work and half of then are crappy. My big problem is the fact that I have like 3 different textures in my hair, ringlets, waves and my all time love FRIZZ. So something that works on part of my hair makes the other part look bad....
SO I came across this texture shine pomade stuff by Pantene and I LOVE IT. I put it on my washed hair after a biy of gel has been applied. I swear it binds the frizz with the curls to make frizzless curls for the most part. IM IN HEAVEN!!!!!
I will spare you all a before ands after photo..Not quite that bold!


Rick said...

I have two textures - skin and hair. So, I'm no authority when it comes to hair care.


Adam's Mom said...

I must buy that product! I wonder if they sell it in Canada yet? Oh heck no worries I'm in your lovely country this weekend!!

Oh and I must have before and after pictures!