Thursday, September 11, 2008

So sweet and yet so naughty

Late night skating!

I adore my son. He gives snuggles and is very sweet. He tells me he loves me and we have great moments together...
On the flip side my son is the craziest devil of a 3 year old. I never knew it could be this frustrating. Today he gave me snuggles and kissed me then, peed his pants 2 feet from the bathroom. ( he has been dry.. poop and pee for days and days). Then he sits at the top of the stairs holding a framed photo of himself. I told him that was my boy and to be careful. He said it was his. I said you can look at it if you want. Then I left to grab his bedding that I was about to wash. I hear a loud crash. I looked and he had thrown the picture down the stairs. Glass everywhere..on the carpet, on the hard wood, even out the front door. He looked surprised it broke like that. I was SO mad. I grabbed him and then put him in his room. Then I cleaned up for 15 minutes. All the while him crying in his room.
"Do I have to stay in here forever??" he would wail every few minutes.
When I was all finished cleaning I came in his room. He was rocking in the rocking chair and said.
"I'm sorry mommy, I'm ready to be nice now" It was really sweet and he did look really sad. I don't think he has seen me that mad before.


Kathryn said...

I read once that babies are so cute so that we won't eat them when they are young. I think preschoolers use their cuteness to protect them the same way. I know mine sure do!

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