Saturday, September 20, 2008


What a busy day! We went to two birthday parties, out to lunch and to a bookstore for gifts. Just me and all 3 kids. They actually did really well.
During our bookstore trip I knew August had to pee, he kept grabbing his junk. So I pick him up and we walk to the bathroom. I tell him it is time to pee. He says "but my penis isn't working" I ask him how come it isn't working. He says "it doesn't work cause it has no pee in it" Nice try little guy, I tell him we are going to try anyway.
Of course he goes!
I also wanted to say Happy Birthday ( tomorrow cause I may not be blogging) to Hannah's family. A sweet wonderful girl I only "knew" through a moms group online. I will never forget that sweet smiling face..the stories her mama would write about her and her sister... The love in that family is really awesome.
Life With Hannah and Lily


Adam and Megan's Mom said...

That little man of yours cracks me up!

Happy Birthday to Hannah! I was just going to blog about her myself!

Joani said...

Love that little man. You are a way better blogger than I.