Saturday, September 6, 2008


While driving my kids home from school, one of Rosa's friends and I were having a conversation about her puppy dog Cooper.
She starts by telling me how crazy he is. He likes to jump and spin around in circles. I say he sounds very active. She says that Angus ( my dog) isn't like her dog, she can tell. I say, yes, Angus is a old dog that doesn't do much anymore. Then she says..
"Yeah, he isn't hypERallergenic like Cooper"
Me "uhm like what do you mean"
Her " You know like he doesn't jump up and act crazy..HYPERallergenic"
Me "yes your right, he isn't like than he is more mellow"
O.K I had to hold back my laughter because she was so serious. I'm pretty sure she mean hyperactive, but she was just too cute to correct.

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