Monday, September 15, 2008


Ugg being sick sucks. I fell sick yesterday night on my way home from my little adventure yesterday. Huge headache, body aches and then to my surprise throwing up in this morning. Can I just say that throwing up when your really sick is horrible. It is like my whole body is spinning and confused and trying to eject something from way down in my stomach. I found myself calling Sebastian for help..What I wanted from him I'm not sure..but I felt like death. I spend the next 8 hours in a shivery sweaty daze. Laying in bed, half watching TV, or sleeping. Luckily now at 6 pm I'm feeling tons better. I actually ate cereal and a piece of bread and I don't have the urge to vomit. HURRAY!
On A better note, I got a new tattoo yesterday. It isn't done yet though. I have about 5 or so hours left to go. I have realized 3 hours is my sitting limit for pain. My good pal came and visited me for the last 45 minutes to give me emotional support. It was much needed.

I realize how huge my arm looks here. I look buff or something. HA HA! I have some more pics in color that Kathryn took..I will upload them later.


Sara said...

It's beautiful, I can't wait to see pictures when it's all done.

Seb and Rosa said...

so cool

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

so pretty! I can't wait to see it in person next week YAY!!!!!!

Hillary said...

Are you challenging me? Don't make me get tattooed while I'm pregnant just to be sure that I stay ahead of you on "amount of body covered in ink"!-