Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet summer

Today was HOT. I loved it. All my kids have beautiful sun kissed cheeks too. My other dad ( step dad sounds too..STEP) came over for dinner and we had a few drinks in the sunshine and ate yummy tacos. The kids were all wild with summer fever too. It was great. I took a million pictures as well.
Every once in a while I will take a photo that I cant figure out if I like in black and white best or color. I usually lean towards black and white. This time I'm not quite sure. The picture itself isn't anything totally awesome. It is just my girls interacting in our JUNGLE of a back yard. In fact I took it to have a record of how tall our grass got before Sebastian cut it ( hint hint, cut it honey).
What do you think..B&W or Color?

Oh and if you want you can check out the links to my Jpg and flickr account to see a few more I took today.


Hope Floats said...

I've always been a big fan of your black and white conversions. The color is nice though. The only suggestion I have is to edit the trampoline out. It looks like Rosa is looking at herself lol. They are starting to look alike!

Any tips on the Great Wolf Lodge? Makena and I are leaving tomorrow. Blake is staying home this time. I wasn't brave enough to take him. Maybe at the end of the summer? :)


Adam's Mom said...

I think I like the color version - the tall dandylions made me smile! The girls are gorgeous!

Chris said...

I think I like the color better :-) I am usually a fan of black and white too when I can't decide. They are both nice though :-) For some odd reason I don't like gray

Jess said...

I love the color pic, the grass is very impressive!!!

Diane said...

I think I like the black and white. Thats what our yard looks like too right now, lol

Kristi said...

I just love that picture of Veda up there. On the color vs. b/w. I say b/w on that one. You notice the girls more instead of that intense green grass.