Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was tagged! All about August

From the lovely Jess
Here we go:

If you have been tagged, just copy and paste the rules and the questions onto your own blog or post. Then delete answers, and insert the ones you think your child/children would choose.

1.) My name(s) is/are: August Robert

2.) My first word was: Mama

3.) My favorite food right now is: Veggie dogs

4.) My favorite song is: Still loves Rock A Bye Baby

5.) My car seat color is: blue and gray

6.) My room color is: White with airplanes zooming around

7.) I love to use this kind of shampoo: HATES washing hair!

8.) The thing that can make me the maddest is: trying to help August when he doesn't want it.

9.) My favorite person right now is: Momma!

10.) I like to read this book over and over and over: he loves them all, no one he has to read

11.) My brand of diapers is: in the midst of potty training so he is in part time diaper, and pull ups..I like huggies best at this time.

12.) The cutest thing I say is: " you so beautiful mommy"

13.) My favorite fruit is: apples

14.) When I get hurt I want: hugs and kisses

15.) I mostly ride around in a: VW Eurovan

16.) I go to bed at: 7 30 pm

17.) I wake up at: 7-9 a.m: around 7 30 or 8

18.) My naptime during the day is: Rarely naps these days

19.) My most favorite thing to do is: jumping running, and making messes

20.) My favorite show/movie is: tie..Oswald and Franklin

OK, now I tag:
and Allison

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