Friday, May 9, 2008

Sun again

Ahh that beautiful sun was out again. I'm SO happy. My yard project is coming along well. My goal is to have it all finished by the end of June. I want to have August and Sebastian's birthday out there, and I want it to look nice. It really isn't a big space. I just need to clean it up and use the all my space well.
Potty training... what can I say about that. I know it sucks. I really am trying, and I THINK August is. He just has good days and not so good days. I guess with the girls I pretty much dangled the idea of wearing some big girl undies that pretty much did the trick. Both girls were trained by 2.5 years old. I have heard boys are harder though. What I'm afraid of is it becoming a power struggle. I think the older they are the more they realize what kind of power they have. hmmm I have tired all the tricks and I know. I guess I just need to stick with it.
Yesterday he did really well. Wore undies most of the day, had two accidents..but asked for a diaper to poop in?? What is up with that. How on EARTH could that be better than a toilet? Right after he does it he asks to be changed. So I guess I just don't get it.
I'm thinking I may have a small complex because there are about 4 boys in his preschool class that are potty trained...They are all older than him, from 3 months to 6 months. The kicker is they are all about 3 inches shorter. So they look younger and some even act younger. But here is my HUGE boy in a diaper. I know it will happen .. I'm just getting really antsy about it.


Stephanie said...

Dani - we are nowhere near potty training. Not even wearing underpants yet. All diapers. I keep trying and Brooke keeps saying no, or she sits on the potty for like an hour insisting that she still has to go but then nothing happens. Take heart. I feel weird about it too because like August, Brooke is tall and it looks a little ridiculous because the diaper is so obvious. SO many people have told me that something happens at age 3. So I'm hanging my hat on that... hope that makes you feel better (or at least not alone!)

Hope Floats said...

Just be consistent. It will come in time. Blake had to be exactly like Makena so it was easier for us. He is highly competitive. lol

I need to call you. We're heading down to Great Wolf Lodge. Didn't you go there?

Jess said...

Dani, I sort of forced the potty training with Ella (how's that for AP, hah!). Pull Ups are a total disaster, after our experience I think they make the whole thing take a lot longer. I have read that kids who have always pooped in a diaper feel very strange when sitting over the potty to have a BM because they feel like they are losing part of themselves- it must be a completely different feeling than going in a diaper, so it takes awhile to adjust.

Good luck!!!

Ida said...

It takes time. I am anti pull ups unless it's night time. I think he will get it soon enough. GL. I left Richie naked for a week it's what worked for us.

Sarah said...

Adam's the same as Auggie....potty training is still a struggle for us!

Kristi said...

Gavin did that. He was 3 1/2 when he pee trained himself, but over 4 by the time I got him to poop in the toilet. He would just ask for a diaper. If I didn't give him one, he would hold it and make him constipated. It was such a struggle and I worried about it all the time. My pedi said that it was one thing he could control. What ended up helping was that, yes, he could still poop in the diaper, but HE had to take it off and clean himself up. (Of course I helped make sure he was really clean, but mostly stood back and made him do it.)