Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laugh out loud.

Man my kids are funny! Here is why..
So Veda is in the bathroom about to get in to the tub with August. She is sitting on the toilet first going...poo. She calls for me to help her wipe...I have started to wean her from help in this department. As much as I hate streaked underwear, I know the only way she will get better wiping herself is to practice practice practice ha ha ha. So I tell her to do it by herself. I mean she is going in to the tub right away.
So I'm right next to the bathroom listening to August and Veda talk while I get clean sheets out of the linnen closet I hear..
Veda- " Auggie, Is there is any brown stuff left on my butt?"
August- "no"
Veda- "o.k good, I'm all done wiping"
HA HA HA o.k I started laughing so hard. So did Rosa who was helping me at the time. I know it is crass, but really they both sounded so serious it was hysterical!

After the bath August insisted on putting his PJs on himself. This is his new thing lately ,to dress himself. I'm all for it. Less work for me. Even if he goes to school with a backwards shirt on..he is VERY proud of himself. Tonight he is trying to get his second arm in his pajama top. It is the type of PJs that has pants and a button up shirt, so the shirt is unbutton and open. For some reason he cant bend his arm enough to get the second arm in the arm hole. He keeps turning right to try to get it in. In the end he is walking in circles trying to ..get closer..?? to the arm hole to get his arm in. Are you getting the visual? Think, dog chasing his tail. It was so cute. I had to figure out how to help him without him realizing I was helping him.

The third funny of the night.. going back to how I was putting sheets on my bed. August comes in and I tell him it is bedtime and if he will pick out a book in his room..
August- ( crying all of a sudden) " I love snowmen"
Me- "what?"
August- " I really love snowmen!!"
So then I get it, I just put our snowmen( yes I have snowmen sheets they were a gift) on my bed and he wants to sleep in my bed. I tell him that he needs to start in his bed and can come in mama's bed later. Which is what he does every night and is fine with us.
Next he throws his body on my now half made bed..
August- " I love blueeeeeee"
Me- " you love blue?"
August (sobbing) "I really love blue, and I don't want to talk to ANYONE". ( sob sob)
Of course then I catch on that he is now referring to the blue blanket I have just put on my bed.
I'm trying hard not to laugh at his tired crying jag...So I go downstairs and tell Sebastian the whole conversation and we giggle. I run back upstairs and August has gone to his room to look for his book, all is well again. Yippy now I have some blog material!


Joani said...

August is so cute, I bet he keeps you giggling all day.
I love the bathroom conversation...LOL that will be one to treasure when they are older.

Jen said...

Too cute - man I love this age!

Hope Floats said...

What a silly boy.

Streakers. lol

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at the bathroom conversation. That is too funny! Veda is lucky to have a brother who will do that for her. Now she can graduate to having him inspect her teeth after a meal :)

Adam's Mom said...

I love the poo talk that is hilarious! you have some seriously adorable kids!

Diane said...

Aw, your family sounds so fun! Love the bathroom talk, to freaking funny!

Ida said...

Your kiddies crack me up. I love bathroom conversations. I thinks August is too funny. He knows all the right words to say.