Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(Clever title here)

As I have mentioned, I have been working on revamping our back yard. I have planted a nice big partial shade garden, and taken out two overgrown bushes ( with help). I now have more space to put new plants or shrubs. I really want to put a nice potting bench like this one, and possibly a nice big wooden picnic table too.
One thing I have done is put a few pots of edibles in my back yard on the patio. I had tried to have a vegetable garden last year, only to be met with all the neighborhood cats poo in the raised bed. I tried every idea I could think of to keep them out. Who wants to eat veggies grown in a huge outdoor litter-box? Yeah me neither. So this year I put out a few pots and planted a few things in there. I have a tomato plant, pepper plants, two pots full of strawberry plants, and corn. Yes I have two pots that have each have one corn plant in it. People look at me like I'm nuts, but I read up on it and it IS possible with small corn plants. I may have to help with the pollination, but how hard is rubbing too pants together? ha ha. The COOL thing about having all this stuff in pots is that I can place them right where the sun is all day. They now will get more sun than they would if they were planted in any one place in my back yard. I will for sure take some pictures of my pots. I cant now since it is 9 30 at night.
Today's funny come from the one and only Auggie. I gave all the kids a bath tonight, then one by one instructed them to get their PJ's on. August insisted on wearing some of "Dayda's" ( Veda's) jammies. Of course I didn't care. A few minutes later I walk in to his room and he is dressed in pint long john pants and a yellow fairy shirt. He looks at his clothes and looks at me. "I'm a boy" he says to me slightly serious. "Yes Auggie" I say " Your a boy" It was really cute, like he wanted me to know that yes he was wearing girl clothes, but he was ALL boy. ha ha. So cute. He did look quite girly. As you can see!
* I took this in the dark while he was sleeping tonight*


Jess said...

I love container gardening, you can get really great results! Post pics as things grow.

I tagged you, my dear, details on my blog.

Kristi said...

Awe...what a sweet boy you have.

Adam's Mom said...

He's just the sweetest, isn't he?

Hope Floats said...

Corn in a pot. Snicker. Let me know how that works! Maybe I can keep the kids out of the pots too?