Tuesday, May 6, 2008


O.K 3 hours at the spa was SO GREAT. I went in a hot sand room, salt room, and a charcoal room. All different heated hot rooms that were amazing! Then I went in to the pools. Jetted relaxing and wonderful. After about 2 hours of that I went on to my massage. 1 hour FULL body massage. The massage therapist was so nice. I was afraid it would be too soft cause she was 5 feet 4 and small hands ( no offense short friends) but MAN that girl could work it! That sounds slightly crass ha ha. Really though. I cant believe waited a year to do this.
O.K I admit I was put off at first that this was a NUDE spa. Yes, no clothes. ( women only remember) You wear robes in the hot rooms and walking around..In the Pool room is another story. You hang up your robe and walk around from pool to pool nude. I was kinda freaked that people would see my stretch marks, ( gasp!) cellulite ( yes thin girls have it too), and sad sad boobies ( nursing 3 kids takes the BOOB out of boobies ha ha) But really, it was refreshing. ALL those normal bodies around me. All different sizes and shapes. I saw these 3 fit woman all different body types, still beautiful. This one curvy woman with round hips and Great boobs ( yes I noticed) She was all woman. I loved it. And admit to being a bit envious of it! I want to bring my daughter there when she is old enough. I want to expose her to REAL women.Not just what is on TV and magazines. I never really felt that way before..but I do now.


Sarah said...

Wow, you didn't tell me it was a nude place! I think I may be a little too much woman for them!

BiBi said...

You are so brave! Glad the massage went well :)

That pic of Auggie is SOOO cute!

Ida said...

Yes I kwym about the no boobies boobies. LOL Glad it went well you definetly are brave. How relaxing though

Jess said...

My boobs are sad too- I think Ella's pregnancy had a huge impact and then all the nursing... I am sort of dreading what they look like when I finally wean Gabriel, I have had milk or pregnancy to plump them up since 2004!!!

Glad you had such a wonderful time- it sounds divine.

Diane said...

Sounds like Burke Williams, do they have those up there even? I went about 1.5yr ago, it was so refreshing, the spa was a dream. I wanted to lock myself in a locker until everyone left and I could have the place to myself.