Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yes we had a record breaking late snow this weekend. I'm so over it. I ready for warm weather!! In one day we had hair, snow, name it. Luckily by Sunday we had more mellow weather. YIPPY!

On the running front, it has been bad. When I got back from our water park trip I ran across the street to get the mail. I felt a snapping sensation in my knee. It hurt for a couple hours then felt o.k. The day after I went to run across a grass field the day after and my knee felt really weak. So I took a week off. I did go to the gym but took it easy and did no weight baring stuff on my knee. So I'm behind and I don't know if I can get back to where I should be..since I have been a bit behind anyway.. We will see. I have a run scheduled Tuesday and I will go from there.

Does anyone watch Saturday Night Live anymore? I have been Taping the episodes now. They are REALLY funny. Amy Poehler is hilarious! Her and Tina Fey are also in a new move together called Baby Mama. It look so funny.


Joani said...

Seriously...snow? That is so weird for it to go back and forth so easily.
Take it easy on your knee and don't push yourself.

Jess said...

Yikes, snow?! I have never been so relieved to see Spring as I have been this year. This was a loooooong winter.

Take it easy with that knee. They are delicate things, knees, and you need them to keep working for the next 50 or so odd years!