Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meet "Man"

SO this is August in his new obsession, a adult size ball cap that Sebastian owns and doesnt really wear. Like I posted before he wants to be called "man"

HEAT WAVE! O.k well sort of. It is April in Seattle and 74 today! I kid you not my kids and their friends are outside on the trampoline in bathing suits! They have the sprinkler going under it to add to the fun. I LOVE this weather. It makes me want to be outside soaking up the sun.

We (actually that would be Sebastian) managed to take out the old "Bee" tree we are wondering if we should build a playhouse for the kids or plant another tree or garden. It really opens up the place to have it gone, and adds a lot of light. While I'm not huge on taking out trees, the bees LOVED this tree. In the early summer there were hundreds. I could hear the buzzing from the kitchen window. We had thought there was a nest but no, they were there for the flowers. This causes a problem since I'm VERY allergic to bees. I have a Epi pen and everything. I have only been stung once to my knowledge when I was 3. I can still remember my mom grabbing me and putting me in the front seat of the car. She drove as my eyes swelled shut. I can remember being confused as to why I could hear but not see. She said I had hives all over too. They gave me two shots in the hospital. I still cant believe I have not been stung again..yet.


Allison said...

awww 'Man' is so stinkin cute. Loving those pants too btw!

Dani said...

Thanks! I made them. He picked out the fabric though :)

DomandGabesmom said...

He is such a character! I love the pic!

Adam's Mom said...

awwwwwwww Man is he cute!

Scary on your bee allergy! YIKES! I hope you are never stung again!

And I'm lovin this weather too - makes me feel normal almost!!

Ida said...

aww man sorry you are allergic to bees very scary. But that MAN is so cute.

BiBi said...

Ouch! That bee story is scary! Auggie looks so cute with that hat! Isaac has been having a thing for "mommy's" shades lately *lol* Daddy's hat, once in a while also ♥