Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Binki boy

I started this One photo a day for 30 days.. I'm not quite ready for the 365 days yet. Anyway I'm doing over on my flickr account if you want to check it out.
Not much going on today..I may try to blog later when something neat-o happens :)


Chris said...

Jadey is a Binki Baby too. She can have it until she is 35 as far as I am

Binki Babies Unite!!!

Adam's Mom said...

he's so gorgeous! I'll be checking out your flickr site next!

BiBi said...

GREAT picture Dani!
I'll be checking your flickr as well =)
I tried the picture a day for a year, but I got tired half way there LOL!
I should try the monthly thing 1st HA!