Monday, April 7, 2008

Exciting day!

Well for my girls anyway. They got to finally change their earrings. They got them pierced about 3 months ago, and now they can put different earrings in. They were excited so I bought them a couple of pairs of earrings.

Well I'm still running.. I did 5 miles yesterday. It was hard. I mapped it out on "map my run" which was nice. The bad part was I put a big hill in the beginning..not so fun. I am beginning to think I wont be able to run the whole half marathon. Who knows... I don't really want to quit, but I also find it hard to believe I will enjoy running for 2.5 hours.

In other exercise news. I'm teaching a yoga for kids class at Rosa's school. I thought it would be fun. I have never taught yoga before. I have only taken the classes from other people. These are going to be k-2 graders so I don't think it will be very hard. I have checked out a few books from the library to aid in my instruction. Rosa is super excited and wants to be my helper! ha ha.


Ida said...

awesome run great pictures, and I wish I lived closer to you I would take your yoga class with the 6 yr olds.

Joani said...

That sounds like alot of fun for the Yoga class. Keep up the good work running. You can do it.

Adam's Mom said...

I remember changing my earings for the first time it was a huge deal! Cool on teaching Yoga! I have never taken a class but I think now that I have two kids I could use the quiet time LOL

Jess said...

How did the girls do with ear piercing? Ella has asked a couple times but I tell her it is like a shot and then she loses interest. :-)

I need to start running. Do you take the kids with you? My best friend just completed her first marathon and I am not even sure I could run a mile at this point. I will use you as inspiration to get off my tuckus and run!

Dani said...

Jess, I told them both that it was going to hurt.
One tip, if she decides to go through with it, have them do them at the same time..Rosa didn't and found it hurt and left with one earring! ha ha. Luckily she did let me (yes me) do the other one later that day. She didn't want to go to school with 1 earring after bragging to everyone about how she was about to get it done.