Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day...

Or as Sebastian calls it tome "Mashed Potato Day" Since I don't eat turkey. Me and my sister had decided to have our own Thanksgiving every year. That way we all would get enough food to eat and not have another holiday to travel to our parent's house. This year though, it seemed we were both not wanting to cook, and thought maybe doing the traditional thing would be fun. It was a nice time. I was loving the pumpkin pie. All the kids moms house very festive and had a lot of yummy appetizers ( yes I finally made mine the last night ! )
While there, my mom asked my son how he liked going to school with his older sister. See he has gone to do a few trial run visits to V's school. He has LOVED it and is so worn out and delirious when I pick him up. It's like he has been to Disneyland all day; All strung out on play and fun.
Anyway my mom asked him what he does at school. He said "Tiss Yinda" Linda is the teacher ha ha. I said, "you kiss Linda?" and he goes " Yes, yike dis" and then kissed the top of his hand. So then Sebastian asked if he loved Linda and he said " Yes Yuv Yinda" It was so cute.

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Adam's Mom said...

Happy Mashed Potato day LOL I just watched Rachel Ray and she made mashed potato soup topped with chives and bacon bits! Damn how good is that!?

So glad your boy loves school! he's sounds just adorable!!