Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beautiful boy.

Curly Top, originally uploaded by pics of us.

Can you believe his hair? I mean the curls are out of this world!
As we speak I'm watching horrible TV and going through the few photos I took today. Taking pictures drives me. I'm always striving to learn more. I know there is so much editing I need to learn still. I just look at other people photography and I'm inspired and frustrated at the same time!
Pretty much what I'm doing is putting off preparing appetizers for dinner tomorrow. I'm supposed to bring two. ( To my mom's place) The thing is, if I go do this chore, I also have to clean the kitchen.. I hate cleaning the kitchen. More so since the handle broke off our dishwasher yesterday. Now not only can I not use the dishwasher ( cause I cant figure out how to get it open despite Sebastian's directions) Its holding half my dishes hostage! ACK I have done 2 sink fulls of hand washed dishes today. A record for me! I keep giving myself a time when I will move away from the computer and do what needs to be done..8 30.. has come and gone, 9, then 9 15. Now its 9 26 so my new time is 9 45. IT MUST get done! Ahh procrastination is one of my closest friends..just ask my mom!

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Adam's Mom said...

Procrastination and I are buddies too! I'm so lazy!

And your boy! Oh goodness he is so damn cute!!!!!!!!!