Friday, November 23, 2007


I got to visit with my dad, sister, aunt, and grandma today. My grandmothers name is Janice, I love her name. She is my dads mom. Whenever I'm around my grandma from either side, I have the urge to hug them a lot and hear stories from when they were young. Either about their life or my parents lives. I wish they would write a book. Its great to learn history from family. Unfortunately I rarely get to asking those questions. I know I will regret it later.
It felt good to have family over today. Tis the season. We all took turns holding the new baby. I even swayed him to sleep. Ahh nothing like a tiny warm newborn in your arms. I hope everyone has a safe and loving weekend.


Adam's Mom said...

For Christmas you need to buy your grandparents the book I bought my mom. I think it's called "Write Yourself" and it asked over 100 questions with space to write answers.She can fill out as many or as little of the questions she wants but I get a glimpse of her life. If I have an extra copy, I'll mail it to you! I think someone gave me one for Christmas last year, but I think I'm too young to fill out a memoir book LOL

Cute little babe by the way! made my heart melt!

Dani said...

oo Sheri, I'm going to look up that book RIGHT NOW!!
Thank you so much for the idea.

Sebastian said...

I'm commenting on your blog.... LOL