Friday, November 16, 2007

Everyone is a comedian..

Especially my R. OH my goodness she was cracking me up the other morning. She has this new thing where she makes up jokes. They're like straight out of Laughy-Taffy wrappers. Here are a few I managed to jot down before I forgot.
"What do you eat while drawing on the chalk board?...CHOCOLATE! get it?"
"What does George Washington like to wash?.......TIN, get it Washing-TIN"
The jokes were so silly I had to laugh. And the fact that she said "Get it" after each joke and kind of explained it to us. Ahh I'm smiling just thinking about it.

Last night I took V to Disney on Ice IT was a surprise for her. She was so happy when we got there. Just jumping out of our ROW 7!! seats. The skating was really cool. The costumes pretty elaborate too. V just loved the songs and seeing all the princesses up close. The props were pretty amazing as well.
One thing that was crazy was the vendors. HOLY COW they were on every corner in the arena. Selling Disney and princess memorabilia for TONS OF CASH. wow. Luckily I was able to buy her some Starbursts and she was happy with that. I would say 90% of the kids there were dressed in fancy princess attire. That was pretty cute to see. Of course after 2 hours I had to come home and have a adult beverage( cold beer)..I was a little kidded out by then :) !


Adam's Mom said...

R. is pretty smart to make up those jokes on her own! Smarty pants! And Disney on Ice with V awwww how sweet! Oh cool I will have a daughter to do things like that with, how fun!

Stephanie said...

Oh, that is so sweet that you took V to Disney on Ice. What a fun treat for her alone!! And R has a future in comedy. Does she read popsicle sticks for inspiration?