Thursday, November 29, 2007


My nephew is the cutest thing. AHH I'm so lucky I get to kiss and hold him all I want. Today on the way to drop V off at school she begins to tell me a story. "Once a butta time" HA HA. It was so funny. She had a serious look on her face too.
I miss running. You would think I could just go outside and do it. Unfortunately that would require me to be o.k with the weather. I am not. I really hate the bitter cold..and anything under 40 is bitter cold to me. I really don't mind the snow though. It's pretty and can be fun in short spurts. It's the wet, really cold crap that we have in the northwest that I cant stand anymore. I love every other season here except the long drawn out cold wet winter. The only time I enjoy it is the 3 days of snow we get. Even then I get sick of it if it stops me from leaving the house for more than 2 days.
O.K on a positive note, I had a really yummy apple cider this evening and tomorrow I get to get my hair done. Somewhere new...cheaper(GC!) so I am a bit nervous, but am hoping for fabulous results WOOHOO!

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Adam's Mom said...

"once a butta time" haha that cracked me up!

And your nephew!! Oh stars he's CUTE!!!!!

I'm loving the snow fall today! I can't wait for your snow pictures - I'm sure you'll have some awesome ones!

Can't wait to see your hair pictures too!