Friday, January 4, 2008


I'm getting the biggest traveling itch! I want to go places and meet people. I want to drive, or fly, or ride in a moving vehicle of sorts!Lets see new cities! I think I have to completely revamp my resolution! TRAVEL!!!
I want to take my kids to see the world..I can even just start with our state if need be. I also want to travel with girl friends and have wild..well semi wild times. I was able to take a vacation with my husband last year and it was great. I want to do MORE. The one major thing holding me back is money. It costs to travel. We have a awesome camping van that works for road trips NOT in the winter.. I plan on using it once the weather gets better. AHHH

One thing I have been thinking though is all the women I have met around the world through my moms group. I REALLY want to meet them and see their cites. I know many who would be happy to show me around, a few who would also put me up for the night...I need a plan. Yes a plan of action is needed. I WILL travel!!


Allison said...

love your blog!!! And your pics are as usual, GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to read more about your guys' life ;)

Adam's Mom said...

I'd put you up for the night for sure! We only have a three bedroom apartment with two kids and two adults but we have a pull out couch and lots of laughs here! You know you are welcome any time!

Chris and Zach and Mommy said...

WOO HOO!!! Travelling sounds like a great idea. Come here!!!