Thursday, January 31, 2008

This pic is for Sheri!

, originally uploaded by pics of us.

I cleaned Rosa's room like CRAZY last night. We even got her new furniture to stash away all her lovely goods ( beads, books, beads, Barbies,toy, ...BEADS)
She loves it. It was SO messy. Messy enough that I was too embarrassed to show a before picture online. I'm talking 3 pounds of beads on the floor, clothes everywhere. Art projects half done, color pencils, crayons.. I'm sure you can imagine. So now its her little safe haven. Makes me want to clean my own room, well almost.


Adam's Mom said...

**THANK YOU** she is stunning - just what I needed!

Stephanie said...

Dani - that is an absolutely gorgeous picture of Rosa! Agree with Sheri - she is simply stunning.

DomandGabesmom said...

She is just beautiful and you take some of the best pictures!

Sarah said...

You take such amazing photos! We just need to get both our boys healthy so we can coordinate that play date and you can get some pics of my lil guys!

Joani said...

What a beautiful princess. Are you sure you weren't talking about Isabella's room :) she has arts and crafts half finished all over her room.

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